DeFi Zunami lost more than $2 million as a result of hacking.

Zunami is a decentralized financial protocol that acts as a liquidity aggregator. The other day it became known about an exploit that caused the loss of cryptocurrencies in the amount of $ 2.1 million.

Who reported the hack

PeckShield specialists paid attention to the exploit. They saw that the hacking was done through cost manipulation. As a result, the system incorrectly calculated the cryptocurrency exchange rate. According to experts, the hacker has already decided to launder funds using the Tornado Cash cryptomixer.

Representatives of the crypto project noted that the hacking affected the zStables stable coin protocol. The developers recommend not to buy zETH or UZD coins yet.

The creator of the SlowMist organization, Xian Yu, said on his X social network account that his specialists found the vulnerability a few months ago. They warned the protocol representatives. However, he added that this communication was unpleasant. At the same time, Yu believes that the problem could have been prevented.

Note that this month the decentralized crypto exchange Cypher was attacked. She worked on the basis of Solana. Losses as a result of the exploit amounted to $1 million in various digital assets.

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