CoinDesk has laid off almost 50% of all employees

The online publication CoinDesk specializes in news about the cryptocurrency industry. Recently it became known that the platform decided to dismiss 45% of its editorial staff. This is due to the fact that the parent company DCG decided to sell the publication. Such information is written by The Block.

What is reported about layoffs

The CEO of the company, K. Worth, said that the layoffs were a necessary step to ensure the financial well-being of the business. It will also help close the deal on the implementation of CoinDesk Inc.

Recall that the site was founded back in 2013. Insiders report that the cuts affected about 20 employees.

In the near future, the leaders will hold a meeting. They will discuss the situation that has developed at the moment.

Before that, The Wall Street Journal wrote that CoinDesk is being prepared for sale. It was estimated at $ 125 million. At the moment, the sale is led by investors from Tally Capital and Capital 6. The transaction is at the final stage.

At the beginning of this year, journalists reported that the parent company was going to sell either part of the share of the media platform, or sell it completely. Note that CoinDesk joined the holding in 2016. Then the company bought the publication for 500-600 thousand dollars.

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