They started investing in crypto funds again

Over the past week, experts have noticed that the inflow of assets into crypto products amounted to $ 28.5 million. Previously, there was an outflow of 107 million in just a week. This was noticed by CoinSgares analysts.

A bit of analytics

The negative dynamics lasted for three weeks in a row. Experts explained why the trend has changed. In their opinion, this is due to the fact that the probability of the Fed's key rate has fallen. This should happen next month when the Federal Reserve receives inflation data.

Most of the inflows came from Bitcoin funds. The amount reaches $ 27 million. This made it possible to partially compensate for the huge outflow of funds that occurred last week. It was a record since March and reached 111 million dollars.

In the structures that can open bitcoin shorts, negative dynamics is observed again. Users withdrew $2.7 million, after there was zero change over the last reporting period.

Ethereum funds also had an influx of assets. It amounted to 2.5 million dollars. The outflow reached almost $6 million in the previous week. Other cryptocurrencies also have positive numbers. For example, Litecoin had an inflow of $0.1 million, and Uniswap had an inflow of $0.7 million.

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