We need to stop the case against the Coinbase crypto exchange

Santya Lummis is a senator in Wyoming. She belongs to the Republicans. Lammis said that the New York court should dismiss the regulator's lawsuit against Coinbase.

How does she explain her requirements

The senator explained that the department has the wrong attitude to cryptocurrencies. According to her, this contradicts the current efforts at the legislative level.

The note also says that the regulator exceeds its powers within the framework of regulating the industry. She explains this by the fact that every decision on these issues has an impact on the American economy or citizens. Therefore, Congressional authorization is required.

She noted that the regulation of cryptocurrencies plays an important economic and political role. It is necessary to hold dozens of congressional hearings and develop legislative proposals.

At the end of last month, she, along with the rest of the senators, developed a bill that will regulate cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that a similar request was made by public organizations such as the Blockchain Association, the Chamber of Progress, etc. they reported that in an effort to regulate the sale of all cryptocurrencies on the secondary market, the regulator wants to extend its powers not only to an industry with a value of trillions of dollars, but also potentially to an infinite number of other assets.

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