ZachXBT reported a peace agreement in the case against him

ZachXBT is an on-chain analyst. The other day, he said that an entrepreneur from Taiwan, Jeffrey Huang, decided to withdraw the lawsuit on a voluntary basis.

What kind of lawsuit are we talking about

The entrepreneur accused the analyst of slander. The situation arose because of an article published last year. In it, the analyst accused the entrepreneur of having appropriated 22 thousand ether. He pulled it off with the company that manages Formosa Financial's cryptocurrency assets in 2018.

The parties decided to correct the article by adding additional comments to it. After that, Huang decided to withdraw his claims.

In his account, he wrote that he appreciated how the analyst made an important correction to the article. Thanks to this, they were able to find a compromise and get away from this issue. At the same time, he added that the lawsuit was an extreme measure, but necessary.

The analyst also expressed gratitude to the cryptocurrency community. They supported him and provided funds to cover the legal costs. The analyst is going to return the remaining funds to the owners.

Recall that they started talking about the lawsuit in early summer. Then the specialist was supported by the heads of Binance and Kraken, as well as one of the founders of the Landfill.

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