ZTX was able to raise $13 million.

ZTX is a metaverse developed in South Korea. It was created by Zepeto together with Jump Crypto. The latter is a venture capital organization. Recently, a seed round was held, within which the project received 13 million rubles. This was reported by Decrypt.

What are the plans of the project

Not only Jump Crypto, but also other companies such as Parataxis participated in the seed round of financing. Note. That the first project is recognized as the largest Web 2.0 metaverse by the number of active participants. Its value is estimated at about a billion dollars.

Using ZTX, the company wants to accelerate the integration of blockchain technology. At the same time, it grants the right of ownership of land in the virtual world. The pre-sale of the first houses has already started.

There are 4 thousand variants provided in the collection of residential premises. They represent the NFT in the second-level Arbitrum network. Coins provide a guarantee for "membership" in the metaverse. They also provide access to ongoing drops and other events.

The CEO of the project noted that the startup wants to provide a high level of infrastructure for programmers. The development team includes specialists who have worked for Apple, Epic Games, Solana, Cosmos, etc.

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