SwiriLend programmers performed a rug pull for $460,000.

SwiriLend is a landing protocol that works in second-level cryptosets on Base and Linea. The developers conducted a fraudulent scheme, due to which they stole about 460 thousand dollars from customers. This was stated by PeckShield experts.

What is known about rug pull

The analytical service DeFi Llama stated that the number of blocked assets in the project has sharply decreased. The indicator fell from 784 thousand dollars to 49 dollars.

Experts report that the alleged hackers have already transferred 232 ETH and 32.6 thousand USDC from the L2 crypto networks to the Ethereum mainnet via the bridge. The total amount was 456.5 thousand dollars.

Later, the scammers laundered all the funds using the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency mixer. In addition, the development team immediately deleted all their pages and accounts on social networks.

Experts did not provide details of what happened. However, it is believed that the hacking scheme was to pump the token with liquidity, and then withdraw all funds and disappear.

Note that now the largest such scheme is the situation with Fintoch. Then users lost their funds by $31.6 million.

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