The digital ruble has been tested

Credit and financial organizations of Russia conducted the first transactions with the digital national currency. This was done according to the testing of the new asset.

What is known about the results

VTB. Using his application, he opened special accounts for the digital ruble. He conducted a transaction among individuals, as well as a payment using a virtual code.

The bank said that the use of smart contracts with the new currency will be provided to individuals later.

KIWI Bank also participated in the testing. He sent the funds to a charity. She helps orphans and families who are in a crisis situation. Also, users were given access to replenish their account in the wallet using a digital ruble.

Alfa-Bank also decided to use the funds for donations. He sent funds to seriously ill children who are engaged in the charity foundation "Lifeline".

Recall that testing of the digital ruble began yesterday. However, the mass commissioning of the asset will be in 2025-2027.

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