How the GRIN4 ecosystem works

Finding the best option for automating cryptocurrency trading is not easy. This is due to the fact that either there are restrictions, or a low level of security and privacy. However, there is a GRIN4 ecosystem that meets all modern requirements.

What is in the GRIN4 ecosystem

The platform was developed by the trader initially for himself. He needed not just a cryptocurrency bot that would trade efficiently and independently, but something more.

Therefore, the ecosystem includes a terminal and a crypto wallet aggregator. The first is a collection of indicators for technical analysis. It collects data on six crypto exchanges that the platform works with. At the same time, it is designed so that both an experienced trader and a beginner will understand the terminal. 

The bottom line is that the terminal is divided into two sections. The first is a collection of technical indicators with charts. Here you choose a crypto exchange, an asset, and a time period. The chart is regularly updated, providing reliable data. The second section is suitable for beginners. This is due to the fact that the system independently analyzes the market and gives a generalized answer based on indicators: buy, sell or take your time yet. It helps beginners a lot.

The crypto wallet aggregator is also convenient and functional. Here you can connect those that are already available using a mnemonic phrase or create a GRIN4 wallet. It is non-custodial. This means that the site does not keep any data on it, which significantly increases the level of security.

There is also asset monitoring here. The bottom line is that the system automatically combines funds across all wallets and outputs the result in the interface. Due to this, the user does not need to navigate through wallets to check their assets. Everything is in a convenient location.

The cryptocurrency bot is also designed with several nuances. The main advantage is that there is no separation, whether you use it for free or have subscribed. The functionality and capabilities do not change from this.

However, it is not provided for free at all, since a commission of 25% of the profit is charged without a subscription. Until the bot comes out with a positive result, it will work without it. This is a great opportunity for young traders who have little capital. They will be able to use it not to buy a bot, but exclusively for trading.

Advantages of the GRIN4 ecosystem

The platform is designed to be as simple and convenient as possible. Everything is at hand here, so that the trader does not waste time in the process of trading. He will be able to quickly view analytics, check his assets and adjust the work of the bot if necessary.

However, these are not the only advantages of the ecosystem:

  1. Full user privacy support. Registration takes place only by e-mail. There is no need to provide personal data here. The system doesn't even collect cookies. Subscription payment is made via USDT, and the bot works only on connected crypto wallets.
  2. A convenient start for beginners. We have already written above that the bot can work exclusively for a commission on profits. Thanks to this, the user does not need to subscribe. Moreover, when registering, the system gives $ 25 for three days. Funds can be used to pay a commission, purchase a subscription, or for trading.
  3. No restrictions. You can add any number of wallets to work with and create as many cryptobots as you need. At the same time, they will work in parallel, and therefore they will be able to sum up the profits.
  4. Bots have fine tuning. This is great for experienced traders who already have their own strategy. At the same time, there are settings for risk control: a grid of orders, stop losses, etc.
  5. SMART templates. They are provided for bots. The bottom line is that developers have implemented popular and reliable strategies for work. It remains for the user to specify the minimum data. This is a great option for beginners to get to know the bot and understand its work.

At the same time, GRIN4 does not stop. If necessary, technical support can add more exchanges to work at the request of users. The ecosystem is constantly developing and improving and is always glad to the initiatives of users with interesting solutions. The feedback allows her to make the system even better, more efficient and easier.

How to work with the ecosystem

First of all, you need to register. The procedure will take you less than a minute. After that, you need to do a few things:

  1. Connect at least one wallet in your personal account or create a new one. In the latter case, assets need to be transferred to it.
  2. In the exchanges you are going to work with, you need to create API keys.
  3. Add these API keys to the ecosystem. The FAQ section provides detailed instructions on how to do this.
  4. Set up a cryptobot. You can choose a SMART template or customize it according to your strategy. Connect a wallet and an exchange to the bot.
  5. Wait for the results. Trading will be conducted immediately with your wallets. Therefore, the profit will go there.

The risks of working with the ecosystem are zero. However, some knowledge on working with crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies is still needed. The rest of the ecosystem is simple and clear. Anyone can handle it, even the most inexperienced user.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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