Ledger started cooperating with PayPal

Ledger is one of the first manufacturers to start producing hardware crypto wallets. The company said it has started integrating with the payment giant PayPal. Thanks to this, American citizens will be able to buy digital assets using a PayPal account.

What is known about the collaboration

Users who use the Ledger Live application, according to US law, will be able to perform operations without the need for verification. However, this applies only to those users who already use the PayPal payment system.

New users will have to undergo account verification according to the KYC procedure.

The head of Ledger stated that their company wants to simplify the cryptocurrency industry. PayPal also plans to conduct operations as reliably, simply and affordably as possible.

First, the site will give access to bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

On the 7th, the payment giant announced that it was launching a stable coin linked to the US dollar — PYUSD. It is developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The coin was issued by the cryptocurrency company Paxos, which used to be the issuer for the stablecoin Binance — BUSD.

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