Arkham decided to track Trump's profit from the sale of NFT tokens

Arkham Intelligence is an analytical platform. She was able to link the crypto wallet, which profits from the implementation of NFT, with Donald Trump, who served as president of the United States in the past. The company decided to keep an eye on him.

What has become known to Arkham specialists

Experts noticed that the balance on the discovered address almost completely coincides with the income from Ethereum, which Trump indicated in his financial report a couple of days ago. It amounted to $2,806,341. At the same time, the total value of the coins was estimated at around one to five million dollars.

In addition, there is a paragraph in the report that says about receiving $4.9 million. in the form of a commission from a transaction with NFT INT LLC. As you know, she has performed several drops throughout the year, releasing tens of thousands of non-interchangeable tokens that have images of Trump on them. Their cost was $99.

OpenSea claims that the total trading volume in the first round reached $ 26 million. Along with this, the company that produces NFT directly said that the project is not Trump's property. In the disclaimer, she said that she owns a license from an unknown company CIC Digital LLC. It is she who allegedly owns the copyright to the image.

CREW claims that Trump held various positions in this company: from manager to president. As mentioned earlier, she is the owner of the wallet, which is charged a commission fee for the license transaction.

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