The cost of SHIB lost 6%

Today, the daily rate of falling of the SHIB coin at the moment was nine percent. Thus, the market showed a reaction to the problems of Shibarium's L2 solution after the launch.

What problems are we talking about

Tokens that are associated with the ecosystem, BONE and LEASH in a crypto pair with USDT and WETH stablecoin at the maximum lost more than 20 and 27 percent, respectively.

Beosin experts made a recommendation to refrain from using the second-level network for some time, since more than a thousand Ethereum coins were blocked (at the current exchange rate, this is approximately $ 1.8 million).

To date, operations are in the waiting stage. According to the blockchain observer, the last block was formed this afternoon. The analyst of ZachXBT reported that he knows nothing about the reasons. However, the RPC is dead. He also added that the launch was not sufficiently prepared.

CoinDesk reported that users received a ban on sending messages in the Discord almost as soon as the first notifications about the problems appeared.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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