Mantle Network was able to increase liquidity in its ecosystem

The total blocked value in the Mantle Network second-level solution was able to exceed $40 million. This happened almost immediately after the start of the main crypto network based on the Ethereum blockchain.

What results has the project achieved since its launch

The alpha version of the mainnet was launched on July 17. Approximately in the same numbers, a fund was created that will support the ecosystem. Its amount was $ 200 million.

Quite quickly, the project took 8th place in the L2Beat rating. He was able to compete with projects such as Starknet, zkSync Lite, etc.

Among the company's projects, we note that the Agni Finance platform remains the leader in terms of the total blocked value. Its figure is more than $ 23 million.

The Nansen report says that about five thousand unique crypto addresses spent approximately $56 million. To do this, they used the official cross-chain bridge. Sandra Leow, who is engaged in research, explained that the increase in liquidity is associated with the trend for L2 solutions. There was also a transfer of capital from the main Ethereum crypto network.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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