The appeal from the SEC was accepted by the court

We are talking about a case against the Ripple company. Today it became known that the judge who leads it, Analisa Torres, decided to approve the filed interim appeal. This is written by Cointelegraph.

How did Ripple react to this

The decision was made almost immediately after Ripple's statement, in which the company protests against a possible petition. At the same time, lawyers do not see the necessary number of grounds to challenge the decisions taken.

The court ruling says that the agency had to provide an appeal until today. Along with this, Ripple may also file a counter-complaint.

The head of the cryptocurrency company, prior to the adoption of the operation, stated that the agency was wrong both on the side of facts and legislation. He also added that if the appeal is granted, it will not cancel the fact that the coin is not a security. This moment is no longer subject to discussion or trial. However, the agency still claims that he and Chris Larsen acted recklessly. In his opinion, this is complete nonsense.

He also argues that the appeal regarding the retail sale will only strengthen the decision put forward by the judge.

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