Business Whitepaper

Version 1.0 – November 15, 2022

1. Introduction

The product the market needs. The GRIN4 project was born to solve all the critical problems that private traders and investors face daily.

The founder of GRIN4 attempted to automate his trading, so he tried all the solutions available on the market, but none of them had the necessary functionality. Moreover, the third-party projects didn't consider users' wishes and refused to add essential features. After that, it finally became clear, if you want a thing done well, do it yourself. That's how the idea of creating GRIN4BOT was conceived.

The project started as a trading bot, but soon there were added two more critical links - the aggregation of crypto wallets and crypto exchanges. And this is far from being the end as GRIN4, as well as the entire crypto market in general, continues to improve and develop new areas. Team members constantly ask themselves, "What does a user need? How can we make their trading process even more convenient and efficient?" and always find new answers to these questions.

A variety of blockchains and token options has led to the development of different crypto wallets. And it's not surprising since blockchain was initially conceived as an autonomous system, depending solely on its history. But now the situation has changed as having multiple accounts and wallets in different systems has become a standard practice for users, which has inevitably led to inconvenience. Both constant switching, transferring, and exchanging of tokens in different interfaces and the need to memorize all passwords are not only long and dreary but also fraught with all sorts of complications. It became evident that a single universal solution was needed. And the GRIN4 team offered it, creating GRIN4WALLET, which collects information from all users' wallets and presents it in a single platform, convenient and safe.

But that was just the beginning because we are creating a service for traders, and they need not only to use wallets but also switch between exchanges quickly and, even better, have access to all the data and trade in one platform. GRIN4TERMINAL is the solution to this problem.

The GRIN4 team adheres to three fundamental principles: non-custodial, security, and anonymity. That's why we don't store your passwords and don't require unnecessary information.

2. Goals and vision

We are creating a full-fledged ecosystem that will cover all the basic needs of crypto traders and investors.

Exchange aggregator, universal wallet, and bot for automated trading are available on one platform, which means a user benefits from convenience and time-saving.

There is another side to this project. To some extent, GRIN4 is about developing interoperability, that is, the interaction between blockchains.

GRIN4BOT trading bot

Crypto markets are always open, but human capabilities are still limited as no one can trade manually 24/7, so one way or another, you can't do without automation.

GRIN4BOT is not just pre-set templates you can't ever customize. This is a flexible constructor of trading strategies used to automate the individual approach to trading and quickly get results.

The bot trades from the cloud 24/7 and does not require constant supervision and control. It places orders and tracks their execution, notifying the user of each action. It can also generate reports to track the effectiveness of its work.

What is required from users?

The most important thing is to choose the algorithm and the settings. There is a lot of room for experimentation and the ability to automate your trading strategy. You can also select the profit coin to take your profit, and significantly reduce risks thanks to stop-loss orders that protect your deposit from significant coin price drops. Moreover, the bot is easy to set up to react when prices take off or markets collapse, so it will help you to win back pumps and dumps, keeping your balance. All this is very important because risk control is one of the critical elements of successful trading.


GRIN4WALLET aims to make using crypto wallets as easy as possible and really convenient.

Many of you have probably already used MetaMask, Phantom, Binance, and many other solutions at least once. Now think about how much time you spent on switching between platforms. How easy is it easy for you to calculate the total balance? Or to see how your coins and tokens are distributed? We know that it's not easy.

That's why we created GRIN4WALLET, which provides data on all balances in a single platform. Thanks to this, users can easily see and track their finances. Everything becomes simple, transparent, and clear.

GRIN4TERMINAL Exchange Aggregator

Today, most traders work with several exchanges because working with only one significantly limits trading opportunities.

Switching from one crypto exchange to another involves switching between websites and apps, the need for re-identification, and, consequently, the inevitable loss of time. Again, the need to simplify all these processes is evident. That's why we came up with GRIN4TERMINAL.

GRIN4TERMINAL is an aggregator of existing, which provides access to all the tools on one platform. It is configured only once, and then you can trade on many exchanges using a single terminal.

3. Target audience

GRIN4 was created not only for newbies or for experienced traders and investors. It is a project with broader appeal, for an audience interested in cryptocurrencies. Everyone will find the tools that are necessary and useful to them because we have taken into account the goals, objectives, and wishes of various groups of crypto users.

The interface is convenient, intuitive, and concise. There isn't anything superfluous. The same is true about the settings of the bot and other services, as we have carefully worked out the usability aspect.

As for the strategies, they are several types available to you:

Ready-made strategies - suitable for beginners who have not yet developed their own trading style.

Manual settings - for experienced traders. The settings allow maximum customization of your trading bot.

What's more important is that we create a product for users, so your feedback is always welcome, and we are open to your ideas. The most interesting suggestions from users will be put to the vote for the GRIN4 community, and those approved by them will be implemented and enforced.

4. Advantages

There aren't many trading bots available on the market, and if you consider other GRIN4 services, it's quite correct to speak about the uniqueness of the project. And here are its key advantages that you should know about:

We work for users and are always open to suggestions because we know that horizontal communication is the key to development and success.

We stay non-custodial in everything is our crucial principle, and we stand by it. We do not have access to your funds; we do not store your passwords and Seed-phrases.

We provide high user anonymity, so you only need your email when registering.

We have built a unique team with experience in developing exchanges and wallets. That's why we offer unique solutions.

We are the first to open access to a genuinely exclusive combination of functionality: bot + aggregator of wallets and exchanges.

It's safe to say that GRIN4 fixes the fundamental problems users face every day, improving the quality and effectiveness of trading. That is its primary mission and purpose.

5. Mechanics

GRIN4 ecosystem supports basic blockchains, our nodes function in 6 networks, and the system backend is written in GO, which provides bug-free and fast operation at high loads.


How the bot works

A user chooses one of the three bot options available when launching and configuring.

The first and easiest solution is to make a choice based on charts and indicators.

The second option is to use machine learning and statistics for the entire trading period.

The third, most advanced option for experienced users is manual configuration allowing users to create their own strategies. All indicators used by the bot are available for this purpose, as well as the configuration of the pump and dumps tracking. The bot can be assigned a currency pair or configure its automatic selection. Such auto-switching can occur according to a specified pool of currencies, for example, the top 100 by capitalization. The profit currency can also be set up.

Oscillators that are available when setting up the bot:






Williams R





Moving Averages:




Pivot points:





GRIN4WALLET collects data from the wallets provided and presents them in a convenient unified interface respecting the non-custodial principle. A user can create new wallets and has full access to the system at any time, both when using a web version and when accessing from a phone or any other gadget.

Exchange information aggregator

The platform uses API of exchanges to collect information in real time. API and WebSockets allow collecting information on current rates. It provides accurate and uninterrupted obtaining of all data necessary for trading.

The information is collected from many exchanges, so a user always gets a full picture of the market and can quickly switch between exchanges and trade using a single platform. This approach is not only reliable and convenient but also provides opportunities for inter-exchange arbitrage.

6. Use case: How to Start

Let's go into details about the GRIN4 platform and examine its functionality.

The first thing you need to do to use the service is to create an account. You need to provide your e-mail only because we respect your time and privacy.

The interface of the service is clear and neat.

Next, you need to add wallets and exchanges so the platform can aggregate all the data. Everything is also simple and obvious, you just enter the relevant data, and the service collects information.

Let's move on to the most interesting part - the My Bots section, where you can create a trading bot.

Pay attention that three configuration options are available.

Again, everything is really easy, so even a novice user can quickly master the simplest options. And then, you can develop new strategies and try finer settings.

Professionals can start with the Pro section to get a comprehensive toolkit for trading.

7. Tokenomics and service fees

Our goal is to build a solid and powerful community of crypto traders and investors, and we want as many people as possible to use our platform. That's why our service fee is affordable even to those who are just making their first steps in the crypto market:

1 month - $50

3 months - $135

6 months - $250

9 months - $320

12 months - $360

Moreover, the functionality is available for 25% of profit of bots created by users for small deposits. And for extra convenience, we give three trial days, during which you need to refill your balance.

And as usual, we do not stop there. The further development of the project involves launching its own token. This is needed to provide the payment and some other services.

8. Referral program

We are committed to serious and mutually beneficial work with our users, that's why we are ready to share our income with them.

We have launched a partner referral program to spread information about the GRIN4 ecosystem.

If you invite new users, you will get 25% of the commissions paid by them. This is a real gratitude and our "thank you" to everyone who helps to develop the project.

More information on referral income and attracted users can be found at: There is also a link to attract referrals.

Why is the referral program profitable?

Because we have created a unique ecosystem that we can recommend to everyone - friends, relatives, colleagues, and novice and experienced traders. We are confident in our product and that people who got a recommendation to use our platform will definitely be grateful. We also know that no advertising works like the advice of someone already familiar and satisfied with the product. That is why we are much more willing to pay for promotion to our users than to outside specialists.

9. Roadmap

Project development - we have already implemented aggregators and bot. You can use them.

Launch of social networks: Telegram (chat and channel), YouTube (video guides for users), Twitter. But the main source of information is our blog on the website.

Service launch for the test group - the participants will get free access to the system, including 3-6 months of free usage after the public launch.

Official service release, including mobile application and bug bounty.

Payment system launch.

Token launch.

Partnerships with exchanges.

Launching our own exchange (DEX).

Connecting third-party DEX.

P2P solution and cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto cards launch - issuing our own cards.

Payments via cards launch.

10. Scalability and development

When you create something unique, meaningful, and necessary, there are always new requests and new development opportunities.

Therefore the launch of the service and implementation of the main functions are only intermediate results of our work but by no means its final point. Here are some ways of further ecosystem development.

Payment service is the 4th element of the ecosystem. Unlike the previous three, it is still under development.

We strive for maximum independence from third-party services, so we have developed a native payment product for GRIN4 users. It is very convenient and easily scalable, so we decided to take it public.

Universal solution for accepting crypto payments - one link or built-in form for easy payment with simple integration into websites and applications. Expect great demand among webmasters, bloggers, and online stores.

Issuing our own crypto cards. Thanks to some laws, there is an opportunity to emit cards that will allow you to pay in the usual terminals with your crypto card. And given GRIN4WALLET's ability to aggregate different wallets, this will be a truly revolutionary product. How about buying pizza for Bitcoins?

Introducing staking is a logical step in the development of GRIN4WALLET. We will launch it after the release of our token.

We will also release several services for blockchain and DeFi app developers (in particular, testnets on our tech base), an airdrop solution, and more. Social responsibility and active help to the community, that's us!

11. Team

Technically speaking, to work on the project, we built a team of specialists with experience in the crypto industry and creating heavyweight projects for mass users.

Without too much fanfare, we have an excellent team of people who are passionate about the common cause, which has already implemented several tasks that many professionals did not dare to. We do not reflect on the complexity of problems; we seek and find solutions!

Our programmers participated in developing crypto exchanges, wallets, and other systems using Big Data and a large number of requests.

Marketers closely monitor the product from the start, adjusting its functionality to the audience's needs. Before GRIN4, they created communities for various crypto projects and successfully promoted crypto services.

Management is focused on the intensive distribution of the product. Their task is to make GRIN4 popular with the help of a vision of development directions and an understanding of the market and users' problems.

We develop a convenient, effective, and safe product that will let you earn on the crypto market.

12. Contacts

E-mail - [email protected]

Discord -

Telegram -

Twitter -