Connecting the Binance exchange

In this article, we will connect the Binance exchange to the GRIN4 ecosystem

Exchanges need to be added for trading bots to work, as well as a trading terminal.

It's safe and simple, all exchanges are connected to the ecosystem via the API.

Go to the Profile section, Integration tabYou can also connect the exchange through the Wallets section

Enter: Name - any convenient for you.

In the drop-down list, select Binance.

Go to your profile on the Binance exchange to get an API key.

Open the menu by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner, then API Management There are 2 options for connecting the exchange:

  1. With the prescription of a pool of trusted IP addresses. This is done in the settings of the already created key (IP can be obtained in the GRIN4 interface when configuring integration with Binance). This option gives more security - your API key will be accepted only if the request comes from the specified Ip addresses.
  2. By removing the check mark opposite in the API settings (on the exchange's website): “Checking this box activates the default security controls for all keys in your primary account and secondary accounts.” 

After that, you can select spot trading in the API key settings.

Creating a new API key. In the column "Create a label for the API key", enter any convenient name, for example GRIN4.

Next, we confirm that you are not a robot and enter verification codes from your e-mail and phone.

Congratulations, the API key has been created!

There are a couple of nuances left.

In order for trading with GRIN4 bots to be possible, you need to add permissions.

To do this, click Edit restrictions above the keyFurther below, we check the box next to Enable spot and margin trading, as well as, if necessary, Enable futures

If you have selected a setting with trusted IP addresses, then set the selector (Allow access only to trusted Ip addresses) and add them to a special form:

We take it here:

Turn on the appropriate option and add it to Binance.

Save the new settings!

The received data should be added to the GRIN4 system.

Copy the API key and return to the ecosystem's personal account.

We also copy and transfer the secret part of the API key.

Click Continue and you're Done!

Your Binance exchange is successfully connected, you can run bots!

For more information about setting up bots, see the FAQ section - Trading Bot - Initial setup.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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