Simple setup of a trading bot in the LONG algorithm

In this article, we will set up a simple GRIN4 trading bot.

Hello, friends!We are starting a series of articles about setting up GRIN4 trading bots.

This is the basis of the service, so we will pay maximum attention to this.

Let's set up the first bot together!

Let's start with the basics, we are not delving into the details yet, we will consider all the nuances of the functionality in other articles.

To start, you must have at least one of the exchanges connected.

Detailed instructions for connecting exchanges: FAQ - Registration, creation of wallets, connection of exchanges.

If the exchange is connected, then go to the My Bots section.Next, click Create a bot

In the SMART AUTO section, pre-installed simple algorithms for automatic trading are available to you.

But today we will look at the manual trading mode, so we go to the PRO section.Next, enter the name of the bot that is convenient for you and select one of the connected exchanges.

Algorithm: Long.

Budget: 100. Why?Profit capitalization:

100% - all profits are allowed to reinvest.

Profit currency: USDT.

Take profit: 0.6%.

We will not use the stop loss, we will leave it zero.

Pair: USDT + Auto-switch.

The auto-switch option will allow you to select one currency, and the bot will select the second one from the range of cryptocurrencies that you limit in the Setting Up auto-switching of a trading pair.

Here we specify the System lists, allow the action and select the Top 100 list.

Next, go to the Grid tab.

Price overlap: 30%.

We issue the 1st order.

Click on + and add the grid.

The name of the grid of orders is at your discretion.

Number of orders: 5.

Martingale percentage: 5%.

The margin of the first order: 0.1%.

The grid will load immediately at the bottom based on your mood and budget.

Click Save.

Turn on the mesh tightening.

Lift percentage: 0.25%.

Delay before grid cancellation: 60 seconds.

Delay after grid cancellation: 0.

Next, configure the Filters, go to the appropriate tab.

In this case, we will use 4 RSI filters and 3 CCI filters.

RSI settings for all 4 Triggers: Less, Value: 65, Period: 14.

The intervals are different: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours.

CCI settings for all 3 Triggers: Less, Value: 100, Period: 20.

The intervals are different: 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours.

Click Save - your first bot is ready! It can be put into operation.

This is just one of the ways to set up a trading bot that we can offer for profitable trading.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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