Ways to replenish the ecosystem balance

Let's talk about payments for service services!Now when you register, you get a $ 25 bonus, it is valid for 3 days, and then it burns out.

All this time, the full functionality of the service is available to you.

The bonus can be used to pay for a subscription or commission from the bot's income.

How can I top up the ecosystem account for further payment for the service?

Very simple!

Go to the Profile section, the Balance tabWe find the "+" sign opposite the balance and click on it.

A window opens in which the details for making the payment are indicated.

!Please note that payment is accepted only in USDT!

Transfer the data to your wallet using the Copy button.

Funds will be credited to your account instantly!

Let's take a closer look at the tariffs:There are two ways to pay for the work of trading bots:

  • by subscription, you can study the tariffs below, as well as in your personal account, in the Profile sectioncommission from the bot's income in the amount of 25% - this payment method is set by default
  • Other features of the GRIN4 ecosystem are free for all users

If you have a small total deposit for trading, then perhaps the subscription will not be profitable for you — that is why we have created a solution in which you pay us only if you earn. By default, the functionality of trading bots is provided for 25% of the profits of these bots. Trade responsibly!

The GRIN4 ecosystem

We have created a bot to make money on crypto exchanges. You set the settings, and he trades 24/7. Manage all assets from one service: with your own hands or with the help of algorithmic trading. Anonymously. Simply. Stress-free.